We are aiming establish Global Good Education Centres worldwide as a second step to crisis centres in the rehabilitation process. Each centre will house a small community of people and family pets affected by domestic violence in a rural environment, set in a community based design, and will offer conventional and therapeutic programs as well as business programs.

There will be re-education back into the work force through mentorship programs or the opportunity to graduate to our Global Good Entrepreneur Centres.

The first Global Good Foundation Education Centre will be semi-rural, surrounded by acres of nature, with an animal farm, vegetable gardens, open communication, safety, respect and plenty of fresh air, for physical, emotional and mental healing. It will be a holistic approach centre providing all people with both commercial and alternative approaches to looking at their situation with an opportunity to heal, as opposed to a path of destruction.

There will be a focus on youth development, entrepreneurial training and ongoing mentoring, to develop a self-sustainable grounding that will continue to create opportunities for generations to come.

Opportunities through the Education Centre and Entrepreneur Training Centre are what makes this charity so unique.

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